The Magikarp kiss — Japanese woman explains why the Pokémon-like smooch is so terrible

Illustrated diagram shows why the weakest Pokémon is also the worst kisser.

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Mickey Mouse kisses a Japanese fan for so long she falls backwards【Video】

Mickey Mouse was caught on camera giving a die-hard Disney fan such an intense smooch that she toppled backwards!

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When do Japanese women have their first kiss? Survey finds gap between different parts of Japan

One rural prefecture starts kissing long before any of its neighbors.

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Japanese karaoke chain offers discounts for couples who kiss in front of the employees

Free drinks and desserts also part of unusual promotion.

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Japanese women reveal their ideal kiss scenarios【Survey】

According to the questionnaire, men and women have differing opinions about the ideal kiss.

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Do Japanese people kiss in Public? 【Interview】

Are Japanese people down for PDA? It depends on a surprising variety of factors!

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Capsule toy pinwheel lets you trick your secret crush into taking a kissy-face photo 【Video】

“Would you close your eyes and blow on this for me?”

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Chinese boss caught on camera forcing female staff to kiss him every morning to increase productivity 【Video】

Secret footage of a Chinese boss forcing female employees to kiss him on the lips has stirred a major uproar online.

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Dragon Ball Super reveals Goku’s biggest secret: he’s never kissed anyone

Goku’s most powerful ability is somehow fathering two children without ever locking lips.

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Research from Japanese university claims kissing pets can cause stomach cancer

Who doesn’t love animals? They’re cute, funny, and sometimes you can even use their poop to keep your skin clean!

But now, thanks to a study by a Japanese university, we may want to re-think that last one a bit. According to their research, contact with pets’ bodily fluids, either by kitty kisses or scooping up puppy poops, can significantly increase your risk of stomach cancer.

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Osaka doctor wins Ig Nobel Prize for discovering kisses can reduce allergic reactions

Japan has had a pretty good track record with the annual Ig Nobel Prize. Scientists from all over the country have been awarded for nine years straight for their contributions to wacky and humorous research. Last year, Professor Kiyoshi Mabuchi recieved the Ig Nobel Prize in Physics for determining exactly how slippery a banana peel on the floor is.

Now, Dr. Hajime Kimata of the Osaka Prefecture Neyagawa Allergy Clinic has been given the Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine. However, rather than investigating a silly topic, Dr. Kimata’s findings were actually rather sweet: Kissing can reduce a person’s allergic reactions.

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May 23 is Kissing Day in Japan, apparently. If you didn’t know that, don’t worry – chances are no one in Japan knows either. But May 23 is the anniversary of the release of Hatachi no Seishun, the 1946 movie celebrated as the first Japanese film to feature a kiss scene, and someone decided to declare that date as kisu no hi (キスの日), a date for romantic first encounters and anything-goes puckering up.

And a nightclub in Tokyo is offering couples the chance to experience that famous kiss scene for themselves, by, er, kissing each side of an acrylic “window”!

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Smooching survey: Finding out what age Japanese women had their first kiss

Your fist kiss is sure to be a memorable event. It might even be the most memorable event in your life for decades if all goes well…or if it turns into a proper disaster. At least, that’s what we learned from teenage comedies–and Hollywood never lies, right? But even though it’s such a big event in any young person’s life, everyone’s first kiss seems to come at different ages.

We’ve discussed kissing in Japan before, but a new survey reveals the average first-kiss age of Japanese folks broken down by prefecture, showing which prefecture’s women were the fastest and kissiest in the country! Who do you think came in first place? And who’s bringing up the rear as the “slowest to their first kiss?” Find out below!

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Want to smooch (and brag about it) but missing a partner? How to take a kissing selfie alone

Everyone wants to feel the joy of a simple kiss; the intimacy, the passion, the physical closeness, it’s all so nice. But there are many hurdles to successful kissing – the biggest being the fact that you need a willing and kissable partner! So what about the single people of the world? How can they fill their friends’ Facebook feed with annoying photos of themselves caught in the moment and having a nice smooch?

Enter slightly eccentric Japanese blogger Keisuke Jinushi, who lives by the mantra “There’s no time like the present” and is a self-dubbed “perpetual loner”. After his hugely successful “girlfriend hand” selfies wherein he tricked the world into believing he had a real girl of his own to feed him food and wipe ketchup of his face, Keisuke now introduces us to a foolproof technique for anyone who wants to make people think they have a kissable partner! You might get a few funny stares, though…

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Kiss and Tell: Japanese lipstick company conducts survey on first kisses!

Every culture in the world has different standards and social norms surrounding blossoming romance. But first kiss stories are a worldwide constant… or are they?

A Japanese cosmetic company, T-Garden, recently came out with a line of new lip gloss called ChuChuMagic, taken from the Japanese sound effect of kissing (“Chu!”). To further their new ad campaign, the online makeup store, Luvlit, started a ChuChuMagic survey on the online market research site, “Girl’s Monitor,” that asked Japanese men and women about their various kissing experiences. After questioning 1,000 users who registered for the survey, Luvlit reported their findings.

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KISSTIXX Lip Balm Flavors Change While You Kiss

Smooching, swapping spit, making out.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, kissing is awesome.  But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s not so great.  From chapped lips to a funky taste you can’t quite put your finger on (tuna fish, maybe?), there’s a lot that can go wrong while you’re snogging.  But what if there was a product that could improve your make-out sessions and even make them more exciting.

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PDA in Japan: Is it OK to Kiss on the Street Corner?

Icha Icha is a Japanese term used to describe anything from light flirting to making love. It includes things like ‘necking’ and ‘making out’, but also holding hands or even just entwining pinky fingers.  Drawing close and giving long meaningful looks is also included in the realm of icha icha.  

Traditionally, Japan is not a touchy country.  Unless you are jammed up against somebody on a rush hour train, you tend to keep yourself to yourself.  Just think of how hands off bowing, the traditional greeting between two people, is.

Although more young people these days tend to hold hands or hold on to each other in some way, kissing in public, is still quite taboo.  It has always been quite shocking to see any couple kissing in the street or on the subway in Japan.  (Possibly the refrain to “Get a room” or “take it elsewhere” is universal, but such public displays of affection have always been less frequent in Japan than say, the US or France.)

Being a relatively new thing, this public icha icha-ing,  has no guidelines to it.  More and more people find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of coming face to face with icha icha without knowing how to react to it.

Yahoo! Japan asked readers for their thoughts on where they draw the line on public displays of affection. In other words: How much public icha icha you are willing to put up with?  

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The State of the Kiss in Modern Japan

There is all kinds of kissing all over the world, but traditionally, in Japan there has only been two kinds and they are the romantic kissing done by couples or kissing babies.  Public displays of affection have always been frowned upon, and still are: a kiss on the lips is serious business.

Not to mention how unnaturally kissing comes to most Japanese.  The moment for a romantic kiss on any Japanese drama looks excruciatingly uncomfortable, especially in comparison to the “eat each other up” passion of western dramas.  The jidaigeki, or Japanese period dramas, feature absolutely no kissing.  With this in mind, SK Planet Japan did a survey on 400 20 to 30-year-old men and women to find out young Japanese people’s views on kissing—which is actually pretty interesting considering that kissing has always been an almost taboo subject.

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