We’ve all seen those popular internet videos like the sneezing baby panda and dramatic look gopher, but in Hokkaido today a new internet phenomenon may have been born.

While filming at Murayama Zoo in Sapporo, visitors watched as a baby red panda, known as Gin, received a shock when his caretaker entered their pen to check if they had enough food left in their dish.

What might have caused most animals to simply jump a little, however, caused little Gin to fall over backwards, mouth open and limbs flailing like Sarah Connor when Arnold Schwarzeneggar comes out of the elevator in James Cameron’s Terminator 2

Gin’s day starts off fine. It’s just another chilly day in Sapporo, but the little red pandas are being well looked after and are enjoying their lunch.

▲Tired of having his picture taken by adoring fans outside, Gin climbs the steps and moves to join his older sister and mother indoors.

▲He hears his keeper talking and shuffling around outside, looks up and sees him standing there with a bucket. “Nothing unusual here,” he thinks before turning away.

▲But no! No sooner has he turned away than the black-booted demon steps towards the doorway! Aaarrrrgh!!! Attack! Defend! Fall over and wave legs around!!!

Gin eventually regains his footing and scampers off into the back of the pen, leaving his mother to glance up at the keeper before going back to her lunch.

Cutest thing we’ve seen all day? Quite probably. We excitedly await slow-motion edits of the video along with some appropriately dramatic music!

Source: Kotaro Images/video: YouTube