We’d sign up to be terrorized by something so cute anytime. 

Have you ever wanted to take a nap, but at the same time be in imminent peril of an impossibly cute pounce?

If so, gift and novelty maker You+More, a sub-brand of Felissimo, has something for you! As of January 26, the “Threatening Red Panda Nap Cushion” is now available for sale for 6,700 yen (US$51)

This adorably dangerous (or dangerously adorable?) cushion includes a soft green pillow designed to look like grass and a stuffed red panda standing on its hind legs and holding its cute little front paws up by its head.

The pillow is soft and comfortable, ideal for napping, but under the fastidious gaze of such a stern little face, there will be no oversleeping! This is meant to be a red panda’s most threatening pose, so we should be suitably frightened (no one tell them how cute they are).

The red panda plushie can be secured to the pillow by a loop to keep it in place while you nap, but you can also remove it and use it as a stuffed animal, for decoration or for hugging, your choice.

It has been reproduced to every fine detail, from the panda’s fleshy paws to its super fluffy tail, so everyone will be impressed by its viciously realistic cuteness.

The Threatening Red Panda Nap Cushion is now available for sale on You+More’s online store, where we’ve previously been able to find other funny products like handsome macho gorilla pillows and lifesize freshwater stingray blankets. Because who doesn’t need realistic, life-size, potentially frightening animal accessories in their home?

Source: PR Times via Netlab
Images: PR Times

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