Do you ever get hungry during a meeting? Why not chew on your iPhone case?

Imported from Korea, this “Gummy iPhone Case” is completely edible.  Just looking at the case, you might think it’s simply made of silicone, but it is in fact made entirely of gummy candy (think melted down gummy bear giving your iPhone a big hug).  It’s advertised as being a life-saving emergency ration or even a way to take the edge off of your hunger pains when you’re unable to grab a bite to eat.

The case even comes in 8 fun flavors:

  • Orange – Kimchi
  • Pink – Bubble Tea
  • Red – Fermented Apple
  • White – Garlic Cream
  • Yellow – Bitter Flower
  • Green – Chili Ginseng
  • Blue – Pickled Berry
  • Purple – Fish Lip

Japan also has its own version of an edible iPhone case that’s made completely out of senbei rice crackers.

Creating emergency ration cases for your iPhone may seem like a sensible idea, but think about all of the different places you accidentally drop your phone on a daily basis; in the dirt, on the carpet (how about some carpet fuzz with your gummy?), at the train station, on the floor of a public restroom…

I’d rather just carry a pack of crackers in my purse and not have to make the hard decision between dying of hunger or eating a germ infested, toilet water-stained, garlic cream-flavored iPhone case.

By the way, adventurous eaters/extreme survivalists can order their own Gummy iPhone Case (for iPhone3GS or iPhone4) over at Think Geek for $12.99.

Source: ITmedia