The Cult of Apple is so smug about the many features and perks of the iPhone that it becomes a test of will for us Android users not to snatch any iPhone we see out of the hands of its user and throw it overhand into the nearest wall.

But now we may have a new weapon in the war on Apple: basic arithmetic. Seedy Japanese Internet geek forum 2chan has apparently proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that, when it comes to the calculator function, Apple’s smartphone is as dumb as that kid in your elementary school class that ate glue all day.

Supposedly, if one opens the calculator program and enters the equation: 2500 ÷ 50, then presses the “=” button, the iPhone will give the obviously wrong answer of “1”. For readers who were that kid that ate glue in class all day, the correct answer is 50 and you should find a new hobby.




There is some speculation that a bug is causing the phone to perform two calculations in rapid succession, dividing by 50 – and it apparently displays the correct answer for a split second – and then instantly dividing the resulting 50 by 50 again to arrive at 1. This would make the mistake less serious than the phone just being straight up unable to do math, but we Android fans will take it as a win either way.

Source: Nikita Sokuhou