Bandai turns Nintendo’s mysterious creatures into double-flavor, 1:1-scale snacks.

Generally speaking, fans of Nintendo franchises are pretty well-served. It’s basically a given that every couple of years a highly polished, brand-new installment will be released for Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Smash Bros., and many more.

An exception to this rule, though, is Pikmin, which hasn’t gotten a numbered sequel since 2013’s Pikmin 3. That’s left fans of the franchise hungry for a true sequel, and while that craving isn’t likely to be satisfied anytime soon, fans hungry for actual food can now eat Pikmin themselves in the real world.

Bandai, who in addition to anime and video game merchandise also makes candy, has created Pikmin Edible Gummies (Pikmin Taberareru Gummies, in Japanese). They’re designed to match the in-game size of the little creatures, with each one being about as tall as a cherry tomato.

In keeping with their nature as “mysterious lifeforms,” each Pikmin has a complex taste made up of two different flavors. The red, yellow, and blue Pikmin are apple, orange, and grape-flavored, respectively, and the white one (the rarest of the bunch) is lemon. In addition to that, though, the green leaves growing out of three of the Pikmin’s heads are muscat flavored, and the pink flower for the white one is strawberry.

▼ This diagram will help you navigate the potential confusion of the orange-flavor Pikmin not being orange-colored, and that both of the flavors of the blue one are types of grapes.

The gummies are on sale now at Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets. Two different packages have been designed, though at just 100 yen (US$0.92) a bag the risk of hurting your wallet is far less than the risk of hurting your stomach if you scarf down too many Pikmin at once.

Source: Bandai via Livedoor News via Otakomu
Images: Bandai
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