Tamagoyaki– best described as a fluffy, sweetened rolled omelette that’s often served chilled is a staple in typical Japanese bento lunches. A gummy candy flavor it is not…until now! Adding to an ever-growing list of odd flavors coming from Japan, tamagoyaki-flavored gummies are now a thing, and well-known Japanese YouTuber Hikakin has gotten his hands on these rare odd gems and given them a taste. The verdict? Watch and see for yourself!

These Sakeru Gummy snacks (literally “tear-apart gummy”) come in a number of normal, fruity flavors like grape and kiwi. For some reason, however, someone thought it would be a good idea to take the familiar, eggy taste of tamagoyaki and make it into a chewy candy, hence the collaboration with Marutake, a restaurant chain specializing in the traditional Japanese omelette.

Intrigued, famous YouTube personality Hikakin decided to give it a try.

After going around to at least 10 different stores (convenience stores and grocery stores alike) and being unable to find the rumored sweets, he ended up ordering them online, which is the reason for having an entire box of them.


The packaging boasts the logo of Marutake up in the corner, and an image of what looks to be a strange string cheese…


Opening up the package reveals each gummy is individually wrapped, and slightly resembles ruffle-cut chips made from Play-Doh.


First, a cautious sniff test…Hmm, not bad! Smells rather like cake.


Of course, the fun thing about these gummy treats is that you can peel it apart and eat it piece-by-piece. Or just shove the whole thing in your mouth…


In Hikakin’s words: “It has a flavor I’ve never tasted before.” It’s okay, I don’t think anyone has tasted a flavor like that before! Trying to forget the fact that it’s supposed to be tamagoyaki-flavored, he says it tastes like it could possibly be a custard candy, but in the end he’s not too crazy about it, giving it only 10 points out of 100.

Same as Hikakin, I went around to about a dozen stores myself trying to track down this odd treat with no luck. If you are interested in giving it a try and do happen to spot it, be sure to snatch it up!

Source: EntabeYouTube/HikakinTV
Top image: Noto Style, YouTube/HikakinTV (edited by RocketNews24)