Pokémon mascot stuffs his chubby cheeks with the snacks in adorable video.

Tokyo-based candy maker Kanro’s Puré gummies are tasty little bite-sized fruit chews. The snack aisle at Japanese convenience stores is pretty crowded, though, so in order to stand out from competitors Puré are shaped like little hearts.

It’s a cute idea, but Puré is about to get even cuter thanks to a team-up with one of the most adorable characters ever created in Japan: Pikachu. Next month a new flavor is being added to the Puré lineup, which Kanro is calling Puré Gummy Electric Tropika Flavor.

▼ For some reason Kanro is going with the understated “Tropical Fruit and Soda” for the package’s English text, but the Pikachu presence should be enough of a tip-off for Pokémon fans.

While some of the gummies inside are the traditional Puré heart shape, others are shaped like Pikachu himself!

Having multiple Pikachu gummies in each pack helps solve the “it looks so tasty, but it’s so cute I want to keep looking at it” dilemma that so commonly comes with character-themed food. As for how they taste, Kanro delivers on its promise of a tropical sensation from the Tropika Puré with a mix of pineapple, mango, and banana juice and flavors. There’s also a cider-like flavor to bring to mind the tingling sensation of carbonation/Pikachu’s electric shock abilities.

Pikachu himself seems pretty pleased with the snacks, as he’s stuffed his cheeks with them in the video below.

The Pokémon mascot’s chubby cheeks are also on display on the four different package designs for the Tropika Puré.

▼ Since the pouches are resealable, you could theoretically wash them out when you’re done eating and use them to store other stuff.

The Pikachu Puré go on sale June 2 for 150 yen (US$1.40) a pack, a price low enough that we have absolutely no confidence in our ability to resist buying several.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Images: PR Times
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