We all know about wedding anniversaries like the 50th year ‘Golden Anniversary’ and the 25th year ‘Silver Anniversary.’ Some people even may make a point of celebrating every year with something special, others may surprise their partner on an unplanned year.

One Japanese man teamed up with Nissan (yes, the car company) to give his wife the surprise of a lifetime for their 11th anniversary.

Check the video below!


This stunt was put together as a part of “Nissan Presents Happy Surprise,” a promotion which offers purchasers of their latest vehicle, the Nissan Serena, the chance to have Nissan put together a specially-designed surprise for one of their loved ones.

This particular “Surprise Parade” package was chosen from one of several fan-made promotional plans by the winner, who said he regrets that he didn’t properly propose to his wife when they got married and waned to say thank you to her for bringing him so much happiness.

To surprise his wife, the husband loads the family into their new Serena, telling them he’s taking them to a party. The wife can’t figure out what is going on as the husband drives them into a large parking lot filled with Serenas.  “What are all these Serenas doing here?” Her curiosity has peaked when red carpet is rolled out and she is asked to stand in the middle of it.  You can see her wonder as her husband makes a speech confirming his love to her, but she is downright astonished by the ensuing parade, and moved to tears by the dance her friends and relatives perform before her eyes.

Everyone from school friends, family friends, to uncles, aunts cousins, parents, and in-laws appear before her dancing in celebration!  More and more people join the parade ushered in with the husband’s cries of ” and who do we have here!”  The husband joins in for the finale, which has grown to a total of 74 people.

It is moving enough to bring tears to the eyes of anyone who watches it!  At the end of the performance she is presented with an aerial photograph of the whole crew in the middle of the red carpet surrounded by Serenas parked in a heart shape.  Awesome!

Incidentally, the eleventh wedding anniversary is known as the steel anniversary, and is traditionally celebrated by purchasing strong and sturdy cooking utensils representing the sturdiness of the marriage.  This couple purchased a Serena—let’s just hope it’s as durable as their marriage.

Source: Nissan Newsroom
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