When the first Gundam Café opened in Akihabara, people thought it was a cute little niche place for the resident otaku, but there’s no way a giant robot themed coffee shop would ever take off.

However, their blend of mechanically efficient service and sterile décor had led to a second Gundam Café to the south in Odaiba.  Still, people wrote it off as a fluke.

Now, less than a year later on 20 December, the a 3rd Gundam Café is set to make a precision strike right in the heart of Tokyo: Tokyo Station.  The coffee service industry may never be the same.

That’s right, that whole Mayan calendar thing was actually talking about the end of the world of overpriced and pretentious cafés and the dawn of Gundam coffee. Gundam coffee is bought at the feet of giant cannon wielding robots in a cooler looking cup.

And while a cup of coffee is still a little steep (340yen/US$4), you can get Haro latte art.

That’s just the tip of the Haro themed food including Haro cocktails (790yen/US$9) and Haro Toast (490yen/US$6).

Of course there are other Gundam themed dishes available like the Zaku II Commander Type Curry Rice for 890 yen (US$11).

Finally their secret weapon of limited edition Gundam merchandise should ensure the chain’s victory in the great coffee war of Tokyo Station.

So enjoy your favorite coffee shop while it lasts, the end is nigh for coffee franchises everywhere.

Source: Gundam Café (Japanese and a little English) via IT Media (Japanese)