Close your eyes and find yourself in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by the cries of tropical birds and laughter of monkeys in the treetops. But wait! Suddenly you’ve jumped to the barnyard, the clucking of chickens and neighing of horses filling the air. Now open your eyes because you’ll miss the great facial expressions it takes for these two master mimicers, one from India and one from New Zealand (kinda), to produce these animal sounds.

You don’t have to understand Hindi to get what this first guy is saying.  He’s got it down to an art!

The video speaks/barks/meows/etc. for itself.

Of course, if you don’t understand what he’s saying, you’ll have to guess which sounds are which animals…

Next up, however, is English-speaking Mel, who discovered her talent while studying in New Zealand.

Wouldn’t you just like to rattle off animal names to her all day long?  Feast your ears on this!

So who do you think would win in an animal imitation battle between the two?

Source: Kotaro