Playstation3 bento box

You could be fooled into thinking that this is some enormous new add-on for the current Playstation 3 console, but what you’re actually looking at here is a multi-layered wooden bentō lunchbox sculpted and assembled by a master craftsman for Sony Japan.

Presented to staff at Square Enix and Konami in celebration of 25 years of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear games, these stunning lunchboxes are designed to look identical to Sony’s home console, featuring everything from the ridged top to the tiny silver Playstation logo on the front, all the while leaving plenty of room inside for a delicious lunch.

These things are so beautiful that it almost makes us want to trade in our plastic Playstation 3 for a wooden one…

Just as a reminder, here’s the genuine article:

Real PS3

And here’s the hand-crafted wooden bentō box:

Playstation3 bento box top open Playstation3 bento box side

The attention to detail here is nothing short of stunning, with everything from the console’s sliding disc-tray lid to the combination of matte and glossy finishes, painstakingly rendered by the artists.

Playstation3 bento box in wood Playstation3 bento box being painted

These incredible lunchboxes were presented to the long-serving game developers at a recent party, which threw up another very cool bentō-themed surprise in the form of lunches designed to look like characters from Metal Gear and Final Fantasy, as reported here on RocketNews24.

We absolutely adore technology and doubt that we could live without it, but every time we stumble upon something as well made as this, we can’t help but feel glad that the world’s workforce hasn’t been replaced by cyborgs and droids just yet.

Source: Kotaku JP

Images: Playstation Blog