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We’re sure many PlayStation fans in Japan have been happily playing away on their newly acquired consoles since the long-awaited launch of the new PlayStation 4 here last month. But electronic appliances and gadgets can sometimes be awfully difficult to coordinate with the rest of your interior decor, can’t they?

If that’s been a concern for you, here’s something from German wood product manufacturer balolo that not only looks lovely but also may help your PS4 blend more smoothly into the setting of your room — a PlayStation 4 cover made from natural high-quality wood!

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According to balolo, who specialize in wood covers for electronic appliances, this is currently the world’s only wood PS4 cover, so although it’s doesn’t come exactly cheap at a price of €149.90 (US$208), it’s certain to give your precious machine a unique as well as natural look. All the covers are made in Germany from 100% natural wood, with variations in the grain giving each piece a distinct appearance.

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And even better, you can choose the wood type for the upper and lower parts of the cover in any combination you prefer from four different looks: bamboo, cherry, walnut and “zebra”.

▼The four different wood types you can choose from:ps4 cover 3 wood types

Well, if the sample pictures above are anything to go by, all the wood types certainly look gorgeous to us; just look at the warm colors and intricate grains! You could have a seriously hard time choosing the perfect combination for your cover.

And if you don’t already own a PS4, when you order one of these covers from the balolo site, they even give you the option of buying a PS4 at the same time so that you can receive the machine fitted with the cover. How’s that for hassle-free?

According to the balolo site, it’s currently taking them up to 14 days to ship the PS4 cover due to “huge worldwide requests”. The response online here in Japan has been very favorable too, especially since a wood cover would go so well well with Japanese style rooms fitted with tatami mats or shoji doors. And Japanese-style or not, if your room has even a slightly natural look, we think this cover could look absolutely awesome and fun as part of the decor. Apparently, they take international orders at balolo, so if you’re interested, you may want to take a look at their site. Personally, I think the pictures of the numerous wood products look beautiful and are certainly worth a view. Oh, and their MacBook Cover looks awfully attractive too …

Source: balolo via Game Spark (Japanese)
Photos: balolo