In an interview with well-informed sources on December 28, Japanese newspaper Sankei Shimbun discovered Chinese diplomatic papers created in 1950 used the Japanese name Senkaku to identify the Japanese-controlled islands in the East China Sea. The same document also contained language recognizing the Senkakus as a part of Okinawa.

Currently China claims the islands are its territory as “a part of Taiwan.” Recognition by China in 1950 that the islands are a part of Okinawa is contradictory to its current claim and weakens the foundation of its present position.

According to sources, the document titled “Summary Draft Relating to Problems and Assertions with Territorial Clauses in the Treaty of Peace with Japan” was created in May 1950. Officials who carefully examined a copy believe it to be authentic.

The document, which treats the Senkakus as a part of Okinawa, states, “(The islands) are exceedingly close to Taiwan, it is necessary to consider whether or not to include them as (a part of) Taiwan.”

Source: Sankei