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McDonald’s Japan’s “Summer Shake” series this year will start off with Okinawa Pineapple!

McDonld’s shakes are always a great way to cool down, and this summer in Japan, you’ll be able to do exactly that with their series of “Summer Shakes“, which will be released as part of their “By McSWEETS” line of products.

They’ll be kicking off the seasonal shake series on June 22 with a refreshing pineapple flavor using 100% Okinawa grown pineapples. The cool drink infused with the rich sweetness and tang of pineapples should be perfect as the weather gets warmer in the coming months.

Okinawa, the islands in the south of Japan, is a major pineapple producing area for the country and is also known as a resort with beautiful beaches, which adds to the tropical image of the drink.

▼ Okay, your McDonald’s shake won’t look quite like this,
but we’re sure you get the idea of the image they’re trying to project.


The Okinawa Pineapple shake will be available at McDonald’s locations across Japan from June 22 to mid-July for 120 yen (US$1.13) in a small size and 200 yen in a medium size. And for those of you lucky enough to be on the tropical island this month, they’re now already selling the pineapple shake at the 33 McDonald’s locations in Okinawa, ahead of the rest of the country.

If you’re looking for cool, zesty sweetness this summer, this chilled, “drinkable dessert” could be the way to go — it may even transport you (if only momentarily in your imagination) to a beautiful resort on a southern island. And we’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing what shake flavors will follow in the series!

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Images: Nikkei press release (edited by RocketNews24)