These gorgeous bikini-clad sirens reveal what’s in store for tourists, who can now dress and swim as mermaids in the pool this summer.

Ever since Ariel the mermaid sang about wanting to be a “part of that world” above sea, hundreds of Disney-loving fans dreamed of trading places with her for a day in her bright and colourful world below the ocean. Tapping into the market for mermaid enthusiasts, a Japanese tourist company called Rising Asia has been connecting local travellers to the Philippines with a “Mermaid Tour” service for visitors on beautiful Cebu Island, where tourists can live out their maritime fantasies and receive a beautiful photo memoir of their experience too.


The company is now reaching out to different shores, offering the popular activity plan to visitors travelling to the Northern Mariana Islands of Saipan and Guam in the Western Pacific and Okinawa in Japan. Each of the plans includes the opportunity to dress in a colourful mermaid tail fin, with a professional photographer on hand to capture some gorgeous images as keepsake mementos.


▼ Whether you’re travelling with a friend or in a group,
photos like these will make for a unique memory of the trip!


▼ Participants can bring their own favourite swimwear and accessories like necklaces and hair ornaments to complete the mermaid makeover.


The photoshoots take roughly an hour to complete, and the experience on Cebu Island takes place at a beautiful swimming pool on the grounds of a plush hotel. Participants here can also try swimming in the pool while wearing the mermaid tail under close supervision, making in-water action shots like this one below possible.


On the island of Saipan, the photographer will take photos on a sandy beach, with the opportunity for some atmospheric sunset shots or images of mermaids staring wistfully out to sea. The photographer is happy to accommodate requests for various poses and scenarios.


On Guam, photo shoots take place on the island’s most popular beach, Tumon Beach. And on Okinawa, in Japan, guests will head to one of the many gorgeous sandy beaches for their commemorative photo experience.

▼ Even if visitors take part in the activity as a group, everybody goes home with a solo photo of themselves to keep as a cherished memento.


The tours are being offered through travel website Tabi no Tatsujin, with the Okinawa experience taking approximately one hour, along with hotel transfers to the location, and costing 10,000 yen (US$98) per person. To see what’s available, stop by the website for more details!


Reference, Images: PR Times

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