Two members of the Kanagawa Prefecture Police Force were arrested late last week on charges of extortion. Sergeants Mori and Arakawa of the Traffic Division and Organized Crime Unit, respectively, are believed to have abused their higher rank in order to coerce two female junior police officers into exchanging clothes in front of them. Sgt. Mori, meanwhile, is facing assault charges after he is believed to have attempted to kiss the pair.

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According to Kanagawa Prefectural Police, the incident occurred on 11 March, 2012 at an after-party to a farewell get-together for transferring staff members. In Japan, it’s common practice for groups of employees to transfer to other departments or offices at the end of the fiscal year.

The two sergeants, both in their mid-thirties, and another unidentified officer called the two off-duty policewomen to join them at a karaoke room in Yamato city where their precinct is located.

The women agreed to come but upon their arrival found the two men heavily intoxicated. Both men began demanding that the women exchange various articles of clothing in front of them such as their blouses and pants.

When they refused to do so, Sgt. Arakawa reportedly said “I know the boss of the department you’re transferring to. He doesn’t like officers who say no.”

Sgt. Mori is also believed to have suddenly attempted to kiss the women on the cheek without their permission.

The third man who was also present at the time is not being charged because he is seen by the other police as “not being involved in any criminal acts.” However, an investigation is still ongoing.

Sgt. Mori admitted his guilt to the other police officers and said that he intends to resign. Sgt. Arakawa, on the other hand, denies his extortion charges, which is a pretty ballsy move to make when the other guy has already confessed.

Source: Yahoo! News (Japanese)