Man with more determination than brains says after initial rejection days earlier, he “just couldn’t forget her.”

At 20 years old, Daigo Kobe is in the prime of his youth, and unsurprisingly he occasionally feels the intense desire for female companionship. So perhaps one could understand when Kobe, an employee at the ward office for Sagami City’s Minami Ward in Kanagawa Prefecture, became immediately intrigued by a young lady he happened to spot on the morning of March 12, and was smitten enough to try to strike up a conversation with her.

Less socially acceptable, though, is that the target of Kobe’s attempted pick-up was a 17 year-old second-year high school student who was on her way to class, ostensibly dressed in the uniform that her private school requires students to wear. Perhaps due to the age difference, Kobe’s overture was unsuccessful, and this is the point where a well-balanced individual would move on with his life and look for other romantic prospects, such as women who aren’t still legal minors.

However, on March 14, Kobe encountered the girl again, this time outside of Yabe Station, in Sagamihara’s Chuo Ward. Despite having been shot down just two days prior, he decided to try his luck again, and launched into a 20-minute appeal that resulted in his eventual arrest. No accusations have been made against Kobe of physically restraining the girl, suggesting she’s an extremely patient person, but even she has her limits, and she called the cops that same night, and they formally arrested Kobe on May 8.

According to the police, Kobe approached the girl at roughly 6:25 in the evening, telling her “I just can’t forget about you.” Following his declaration of 48-hour devotion, the police say he launched into a lengthy string of sexual proposals, including the straightforward “I want to work out my sexual desires.”

Kobe denies being so vulgar, claiming “I was trying to pick her up, and the only thing I said was ‘Let me hug you.’” 20 minutes seems like a long time to continue repeating just that one sentence, though, which casts a shadow of doubt over his claims of innocence. What’s more, the specific charge against Kobe is obscene conduct in violation of the Prefectural Anti-Nuisance Ordinance, and a grown man repeatedly asking a teenager to let him hug her sounds like it’s enough to qualify as an infraction all on its own.

Source: Sankei News
Top image: Pakutaso (edited by SoraNews24)