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Fans of the manga and animé smash JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and its notoriously ill-mannered dog Iggy will be pleased to know that they can now get their hands on a doorstop modeled on the pooch.

Featuring Iggy’s trademark dull stare of defiance, this figure will certainly put you of your place every time you enter and leave the room.

▼”You lookin’ at me? Pffft. I pee on your door.”

iggy doorstop

The doorstop comes to you from Sentinel, and is priced at 4,800 yen (US$51) on Amazon JP. Not the cheapest doorstop ever, granted, but for a fan of the series we’d wager that it’s not such an unreasonable price.

Iggy stands on a “sand” base with one leg cocked. For those who know the character well, this is clearly the kind of pose the pup would strike before letting rip with a golden stream of contempt. For those whose minds are a little further away from the metaphorical latrine, however, he could simply be propping the door open with his (admittedly cute) paw. Maybe.

▼For such a mucky pup he’s got sweet feet.

iggy doorstop behind

The company behind the figure also uploaded the following video to YouTube. Although it isn’t the most action-packed production in the world, it does give us a good, close look at the model in action and shows how Iggy’s head can be rotated to ensure that his glazed-over expression is always pointing in your general direction.

Source: IT Media (Japanese)

Images via Sentinel