The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (PCC) is a group composed of politicians, organizations, and other independent members who gather to help shape the political agenda for the upcoming year.

During this meeting on 4 March, international film star Jackie Chan appeared before the Governmental Advisory Institute with some stern words about the way law enforcement is handled in his country when it comes to cigarettes.

According to Hong Kong media, Jackie Chan attended a PCC literary community subcommittee on the fourth. Here the visibly angry stuntman gave his opinions on the enforcement of China’s smoking regulations.

“In [strict on smoking] Singapore people make no attempt to light up, but come to China and you can even see people smoking in front of warning signs.”

Such criticisms are rare from Chan, who usually stirs up controversy with other nations for his pro-Chinese remarks. It’s unlikely anyone would disagree with his statements that day though.

On the other hand, it is a little hypocritical for the Hong Kong native to be calling law enforcement lax. I guess he doesn’t remember letting Chris Tucker botch the ransom exchange for a little girl that one time.

That movie could have been 20 minutes shorter.

Source: MSN News (Japanese)

Chinese news report of the meeting