Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan spotted cuddling a puppy at a Japanese home centre【Video】

Action star goes incognito at an unlikely location to support his new support range. 

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X Japan’s Yoshiki apologizes for having dinner with Jackie Chan

For a drummer, he really doesn’t have the best timing in the world.

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We go crazy for Jackie Chan TV ad, cue digging out an old cosplay battle 【Video】

Remember the time we hired a lookalike and reenacted a classic Jackie Chan fight? Of course we do, we still have the video evidence!

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Collection of Jackie Chan’s best freerunning scenes never stops being amazing 【Video】

In case you didn’t already know that Jackie Chan is a total badass.

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Jackie Chan produced K-pop group set to debut this month

Earlier this year international action star Jackie Chan had been making some unusual appearances in the South Korean media. First, on the red carpet for Police Story 2013 he blurted out “I’m half Korean!” Although it was later revealed to be a metaphorical sentiment lost in translation, the statement ruffled some feathers back in China.

Later that month, Chan appeared on a South Korean variety show where he confessed to having a love affair with a Korean woman for eight years in his younger days of working as a stuntman. So why is Jackie Chan showing so much love for Korea these days?

Let’s just say if I asked you to name five things that aren’t Jackie Chan and you said K-pop, you’d be wrong.

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Why Jackie Chan should be the next Iron Man

At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Chinese mega-entertainer and occasional political commenter Jackie Chan made some waves by stating his desires to become the next Iron Man. With current Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. reaching that magic number of three we may soon see a new actor step into the suit of armor. But could the current king of colorful kung-fu really be up to the task?

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Jackie Chan Speaks Out Against Chinese Law Enforcement as “Too Soft on Smoking”

The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (PCC) is a group composed of politicians, organizations, and other independent members who gather to help shape the political agenda for the upcoming year.

During this meeting on 4 March, international film star Jackie Chan appeared before the Governmental Advisory Institute with some stern words about the way law enforcement is handled in his country when it comes to cigarettes.

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Chinese Super Mario: Wonderful Things Can Happen When Martial Arts Meet Mushrooms

OK, Rocketeers, the first person who can count the number of times I’ve mentioned Super Mario in my articles since joining the RocketNews24 crew gets a prize!*

Maybe it’s because I grew up with the games; maybe it’s because I wanted an NES for so, so long but had to be content with occasional two-minute stints on my friend’s console until my parents finally caved in and bought me one years later…

Whatever the reason, Super Mario is kinda my thing. So when my editor mentioned that someone had made “a Chinese Mario movie”, I was on it in a flash.

This movie is immensely silly, and it’s not Super Mario Bros. But even so, it is kind of wonderful…

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Jackie Chan Weighs in on China-Japan Island Dispute: “Definitely Belong to China!”

Who doesn’t love Jackie Chan? His movies are entertaining, he does his own stunts, he’s a great role model and he’s got a smile that could tame a lion. The 58-year-old entertainer is one of the most well-known and well-loved stars in the world, and Japan is no exception.

Which is why it must have felt like a roundhouse kick to the face when he officially threw his weight behind the home team regarding the Senkaku Island dispute on Monday.

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