Ever wondered who those cheeky elves are who slip pizza menus, coupons and ads for home delivery sexy times in your mailbox or through your door while you’re out? They’re in and out in a flash, usually lugging enormous stacks of paper with them, searching for slots to post material like a mother bird on a caffeine high feeding her young. Little did we know, though, that there are people out there in this crazy world we live in who have delivered so many pamphlets in their time that they’re positively black belts in the secret art of putting things into holes.

This one actually cropped up on video sharing sites early last weekend, but we couldn’t bring ourselves not to share it with you. Check out this woman in Singapore, positively owning a bank of mailboxes.

Wow. She makes our super paperboy from last week look like a pensioner on a mobility scooter. If only I’d had a system like this lady when I was a 12-year-old kid, trudging through the rain posting flyers for what amounted to about a dollar an hour. Far fewer of them would have ended up in the canal…

Sure, she loses her rhythm a couple of times in the process, but she always finds it again, and these are clearly not the movements of an amateur. While we’re sure that there are few people out there who look forward to opening their letter boxes and finding yet more junk mail, we’d bet that if they’d seen it delivered with such speed and skill as this, they probably wouldn’t begrudge it half as much.

Video: YouTube XplosiveEntTv
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