Transforming Shinkalion mecha put the happy in Happy Meal.

McDonald’s Japan has some of the best Happy Meal toys in the world, and this week they’re continuing that flex with a new series dedicated to Shinkalion.

There are six toys to collect in the range, with each one dedicated to a unit from Shinkalion: Change the World, the current and third series of the anime franchise that began in 2018 as a spinoff to the transforming toy collection created by Takara Tomy with Japan Railways Group that debuted in 2015.

People would pay good money for transforming Shinkansen toys, so customers in Japan are being totally spoilt by the new collection, which will be released over two weekends at McDonald’s. The first instalment, available from 17 -23 May, consists of the following three mecha:

▼ Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa (Trailer Form)

You can power up the robots by combining them with their included arm and leg parts.

▼ Shinkalion E6 Komachi (Top Lifter Form)

▼ Shinkalion E7 Kagayaki (Drill Form)

Each set comes with stickers that need to be applied to the toys to give them their final look.

The more sets you collect, the more fun you can have, because they can be mixed and matched to create your very own dream Shinkansen mecha!

The second instalment, available from 24-30 May, features three models that transform from Shinkansen into Shinkalion units.

Shinkalion H5 Hayabusa

▼ Shinkalion N700S Nozomi

▼ Phantom Shinkalion

Each model has rollers on the bottom, so you can roll them around by hand.

▼ This series can also be combined so you can create some exciting mecha, using sets from both instalments.

These new Happy Meal toys will put smiles on the faces of anyone who receives them, although now we’re wondering what Japan might be like if we could actually ride on a Phantom Shinkansen…

Either way, with mecha like these protecting the country, we can can feel safe in the knowledge that there’ll be more amazing Happy Meal toys to come. With the chain previously releasing Hello Kitty plushies and awesome Sanrio characters goods, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in future!

Reference: McDonald’s Japan
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