’Tis the season for crazy ideas from Japan’s most playful pizza delivery chain.

Last month, the Japanese division of Domino’s Pizza surprised us all with the announcement that it would be training a team of reindeer to make deliveries during the upcoming winter. Even though the company has had some unusual promotions before, this time it seemed like it might have come up with a scheme too crazy even for it to implement, and that turned out to be the case.

As shown in the above video from Domino’s Japan, it’s a tricky endeavor to train reindeer to carry pizzas to customers like their Christmas Eve counterparts who fly Santa around to distribute toys to good girls and boys. Ultimately, the challenges have proved too great to overcome, and so the reindeer delivery plan has been canceled.

Honestly, it’s hard to say how serious Domino’s Japan was in the first place, what with its well-known penchant for jokes. But if Domino’s can’t deliver your order with actual reindeer, it’s going to do the next best thing: bring pizza to your doorstep via delivery bikes doing reindeer cosplay.


As with many food delivery operations in Japan, Domino’s doesn’t send its employees out in their personal cars, but rather in canopied trikes with an insulated storage compartment mounted at the back. This winter, it’ll be dressing up a limited number of the vehicles with imitation antlers and fuzzy accouterments to provide a little yuletide cheer along with its hot meals. It’ll also be replacing the regular bike icon on its delivery tracker app with a smiling, red-nosed reindeer.


The reindeer bikes are in operation now, and will be running about the streets of Japan until an unspecified date in late December.

Source: Domino’s Pizza Japan, PR Times
Top image: Domino’s Pizza Japan
Insert images: PR Times, Domino’s Pizza Japan
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