Okinawan soul fool Pork Tamago Onigiri sold not at a five-star restaurant, but at an airport

So good, it might be worth travelling to an airport for!

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The best-selling rice ball at Family Mart is…SPAM onigiri?

What makes the Tuna Mayonnaise Spam Musubi so popular with Japanese convenience store customers?

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Let’s try making our own Chinese McDonald’s Oreo-Spam burgers!【SoraKitchen】

Well, maybe see how it went for us before trying it yourself at least.

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McDonald’s releases an Oreo and Spam burger for a very limited time

Is tinned meat and chocolate cookies a hellish combination or a match made in heaven?

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Who makes Japan’s best Spam-style onigiri convenience store rice ball? Let’s find out【Taste test】

We take a taste test trip in Okinawa and get acquainted with the local specialty.

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What happens when you answer one of those sketchy social media comments offering easy money?

Our reporter decides to answer one of those “Earn money from your photos!” comments on his Instagram page.

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Spam mail suggests an impending world crisis, famous hero seeking your help today!

Who you gonna call when the hero calls you?

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What’s for breakfast at Burger King Japan? Spamburgers!

It’s no surprise that the fast food market is a competitive one, particularly in Japan where restaurants go to great lengths to create the most unique items to bring in the customers.

This time, Burger King Japan has announced a new breakfast line-up of unique items not often found in fast food joints. At the head of this new seven-item menu is the wonderful Spam & Cheese for 260 yen (US$2.54).

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We visit a Japanese convenience store in Hawaii, recommend the Spam

Convenience stores play an integral part of life in Japan. The various chains themselves appear to have a life and ecosystem of their own sprouting up and dying off all over the urban landscape in fierce competition. Regardless of which one you choose, be it Lawson, Family Mart, 7-Eleven, Mini-Stop or one of the other countless chains, you can always expect to find some high quality stuff.

No one knows this better than our food reporter Kuzo who has sampled every form of junk food the nation’s convenience stores have to offer. This time, however, he leaves the shores of Japan to test the wares of a remote branch of the famous Lawson Station chain in Hawaii.

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Human Spambot: Turning Junkmail Delivery into a Martial Art 【Video】

Ever wondered who those cheeky elves are who slip pizza menus, coupons and ads for home delivery sexy times in your mailbox or through your door while you’re out? They’re in and out in a flash, usually lugging enormous stacks of paper with them, searching for slots to post material like a mother bird on a caffeine high feeding her young. Little did we know, though, that there are people out there in this crazy world we live in who have delivered so many pamphlets in their time that they’re positively black belts in the secret art of putting things into holes.

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Singapore to Fine Spammers $8,000 per E-mail Sent

Singapore, a country famous for its strict punishments for even minor crimes, again lived up to its reputation with a new law threatening a fine of 10,000 Singaporean Dollars (US$8,000) for every single unwanted e-mail sent for the purposes of solicitation otherwise known as spam.

What this will mean for the generic medicine and penis enhancement industries in Singapore remains to be seen.

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