Net users pile on the praise for what may just be the pizza deal of the century.

We’ve seen Domino’s Japan do some incredible things for its customers before, but one recent campaign that they’ve been doing quietly in the background might just be their most impressive yet.

The campaign was brought to the attention of the Internet by Japanese Twitter user @violin9914, who stumbled on Domino’s unbelievably good “Big Wednesday” deal. They were so blown away that they posted a picture for the rest of the world to share in their excitement:

▼ “Domino’s Pizza, are you for real?????? (This is the best)”

The white text in the promo reads:

“Limited to Wednesdays: Buy one pizza and get two free. We’re giving you a special coupon that can be used towards a delivery order.” 

One free pizza is exciting, but TWO free pizzas is just too good to be true! What could possibly be the catch?

…apparently, there is none. It’s just a very generous deal limited to online orders.

The total for three medium-sized pizzas would normally come to 2,400 yen (US$22), while three large-sized pizzas would normally be 3,600 yen. However, by applying the five-character codes directly beneath the prices in the screenshot below, customers could get a full trio for the price of one.

▼ Screenshot of the Domino’s Pizza Japan’s “Big Wednesday” deal on their website. (These specific codes were valid only on February 13.)

Net users who weren’t already aware of the campaign reacted in awe of the news:

“Because of this I hereby dub every Wednesday ‘Pizza Day’ at my house.”
“There is no Domino’s near me… so sad.”
“This is so crazy. You could have pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and probably for breakfast again!” 
“800 yen for one pizza is pretty good. But I don’t really need three.”
“I feel a little bad for the part-time workers who have to complete the orders.”

While Domino’s Japan isn’t entirely clear on whether the “Big Wednesday” campaign is in effect for an indefinite time period moving forward, it’s still listed prominently within their website’s Hot Deals section, which means it’s probably around for a little bit longer at the very least.

We suppose this deal also brings into light one of modern civilization’s oldest rhetorical questions: is there such a thing as too much pizza? We think not…unless it’s the Bloody zombie-hand-and-eyeball pizza from Aoki’s Pizza.

Source: Twitter/@violin9914 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@violin9914
Insert image: Domino’s Pizza Japan