In a somewhat unusual move yesterday, Japan’s Ueno Zoo released a video on its official website of its two pandas, Shin Shin and Ri Ri, copulating in their enclosure.

Rest assured that neither smooth jazz nor scented candles were involved in the incident and that this article is perfectly safe to be read at work.

After Shin Shin, the female, appeared to be ready for mating, the zoo removed both her and her partner from public view in an attempt to make the most of the two-week window of opportunity for the pair to conceive.

The pandas are reported to have mated on Monday evening and again on Tuesday morning, away from the prying eyes of the public. Not wanting to keep panda fans completely in the dark, however, the zoo uploaded a video to its website showing the pair mating at around 6 p.m. on Monday evening, giving many hope that we may well see another little black-and-white face in the near future.

After the sudden death of the pandas’ cub last year – the first born at the zoo in 24 years – many are desperate for Shin Shin to conceive again. Hopefully the pair’s recent liaisons will result in good news in the coming months.

Source: IT Media