Could there be any job better than panda keepers? Sure “chocolate-peanut-butter combination inspector” would be better if that job existed, but sadly it does not. What a dream it would be to spend every day with the world’s cutest animal!

Then again, like anything I suppose you’d get a little desensitized to the puffy black ears and roly-poly physique only to be left with constant bamboo eating, butt-scratching, and all the poop that goes along with such a lifestyle. Just watch as this panda keeper tries to give a couple cubs their medicine. The result is a cuteness-packed two minutes for us and a two-on-one wrestling match for the guy in the video.

At the start of the video we see the keeper enter the panda enclosure armed with a syringe to squirt some medicine into their mouths. He appears to be struggling with one cub as another one wanders up to see what’s going on.

Apparently someone in the security booth said, “Hey, get a load of Li… He’s doing that thing with the pandas again.” So they pan over and zoom in for a better view.

The pandas don’t seem to be refusing the medicine as much as they’re more interested in climbing all over the keeper. He then employs some wrestling moves to try and get their mouths in reach.

Then, in typical pro-wrestling fashion, one bear turns on the other and joins forces with the keeper to go for the pin.

In yet another dramatic twist, the traitor panda turns again suddenly deciding it loves the medicine and goes for the whole syringe trying to push the keeper out of the way.

Finally, when the job’s done, the keeper doesn’t waste a second getting away from the now-medicated bears.

Although it’s hard to imagine, even wrangling young pandas must get tedious after a while. It reminds me of…oh, wait a minute.

Argh, I just got called in to thoroughly investigate whether Godiva chocolate goes better with smooth or crunchy peanut butter. I have got to find a new line of work.

Source: YouTube – CCTV News, LabaQ (Japanese)