Tokyo Banana is getting into the panda spirit as Ueno Zoo gets ready to present six-month-old baby panda Xian Xian to the public.

Yes, Japan sure loves its pandas, but can you really blame us for falling in love with such adorable creatures? And this year, panda fans have had particular reason to be happy, with the birth of a new panda cub at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoological Gardens, also known simply as Ueno Zoo.

The baby panda, born on June 12, has been named Xian Xian, and while they’ve kept a close watch over her these past months, now that she’s six months old, they’re getting ready to show her to the eagerly waiting public. That’s certainly cause for celebration, and Tokyo Banana, the popular cream-filled Japanese confection, is apparently all set to be part of that celebration!

Tokyo Banana is coming out with a new commemorative item, the “Tokyo Banana Panda: Banana Yogurt Flavor“, to become available at the JR (Japan Railway) Ueno Station from December 19, the same day the zoo will be presenting the baby panda to the public.  The new flavor will also be sold at several other locations in Tokyo from December 20.

▼ What a sweet way to celebrate!

The new Tokyo Banana Panda contains a mild banana and yogurt flavored cream inside the soft sponge cake the snack is known for, and is adorably decorated with a panda face that comes in three slightly different designs.

▼  Yup, these fellas are sure to put a smile on your face!

And just so the confections are sweet for the pandas as well, Tokyo Banana will be supporting the Giant Panda Protection Support Fund through the sales of its new product, contributing to international panda protection efforts and also the panda breeding program at Ueno Zoo, so you can have the satisfaction of knowing you’ll be doing a bit of good when you enjoy the sweets.

▼ And how cute is the packaging?

By the way, if you want to get a look at Xian Xian in person, while she will be on exhibit from December 19, it will only be for short spans of time at first, and you’ll have to apply online or by phone and be preselected by advance draw, at least until the end of January.

So, the real baby panda may not be so accessible for the time being, but the Tokyo Banana Panda  will be available in packages of four for 515 yen (US$4.50), eight for 1,080 yen or 12 for 1,595 yen at JR Ueno Station from December 19 and at JR Tokyo Station, Daimaru Tokyo Department Store and Tokyo Solamachi from December 20.

If you’re visiting Japan and looking for a souvenir that’s cute and sweet, we have to say this certainly fits the bill. And here’s to baby Xian Xian for giving Tokyo Banana a reason to offer such a delightful treat!

Source, images: PR Times 
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