Be healed by a year’s worth of panda butts.

If you ever find yourself on the Japanese side of Twitter on a Monday, you might be surprised to see many users sharing pictures of animal butts. While it’s no secret that Japan just can’t get enough of cute, furry butts, there’s actually a linguistic reason as to why butt pics have been buzzing on a Monday; netizens are celebrating Ketsuyoubi, a clever pun using the Japanese word for Monday, which is getsuyoubi, and switching in the informal word for butt (ketsu) at the beginning. Combining ketsu and getsuyoubi, we get Ketsuyoubi, a.k.a. Butt Day.

And while you can post any furry creature’s butt on social media to celebrate Ketsuyoubi, pandas seem to be particularly popular; so much so, in fact, that a 64 page book full of images of panda butts was so in demand that it sold out soon after its release.

But any panda butt fans who were unable to get their hands on the book need not despair for much longer, as there is now a calendar full of pictures of panda posteriors. The calendar is called Panketsu (‘panda butts’), with the makers claiming you can “be healed by looking at panda butts“.

Starting from December 2022, the calendar contains 28 pages full of furry butts for your enjoyment, including popular pandas like Xin Xin, Shan Shan, Xiao Xiao and Lei Lei from Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo and Tin Tin from Kobe’s Oji Zoo.

As well as adorable butt pics, the calendar features a monthly ‘Whose butt is this?’ quiz, where you can prove to your friends how much of a panda pro you are by being able to identify pandas from their rear ends alone.

The Panketsu 2023 calendar costs 1,430 yen (US$9.94) and can be ordered here through Amazon Japan. Any panda fans wishing to make the most of their weekly Ketsuyoubi celebrations should be sure to snap up their copy before it’s too late, and considering how much Japan loves both pandas and butts, expect it to sell out soon.

Source, images: PR Times
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