As has been previously reported here, kimchi, the super-spicy fermented cabbage dish from Korea, appears to be one of the world’s healthiest dishes. Now, media sources in China are reporting that this fiery condiment is also beneficial for those seeking to lose a few pounds.

The China Daily states that though kimchi contains a lot of chili pepper and garlic, very little salt is used in preparing the healthy, low-calorie dish. The paper quotes the person in charge of the kimchi museum research lab, a professor in the traditional foods department at Seoul Heath College, as saying, “If a person eats some kimchi with every meal, it’s possible for them to lose five kilograms (about 11 pounds) in a month.

It further states that in addition to being very low in calories, kimchi contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria and minerals that are good for the body. During the fermentation process, lactic acid suppresses bad bacteria and promotes the secretion of pepsin proteolytic enzymes. This helps protect the bowels and alleviates constipation problems associated with obesity.

Kimchi can be divided into two general types: authentic Korean kimichi and a less spicy Japanese version. For the purpose of weight loss, the authentic Korean version is said to be more effective. A tasty food that’s actually good for you!? Sounds good to us!

Source: Xinhua