This traditional Japanese rice wine is said to enhance the chocolate-eating experience.

Saitama Prefecture’s Kanbai Sake Brewery has teamed up with Japan’s Liquor Innovation Company to produce a new type of sake designed to be enjoyed with the rich, sweet taste of chocolate. While connoisseurs of the rice-brewed alcohol will know that the deep flavours of a vintage sake make a good partner for most chocolates, the new “I Love Choco” brand goes one step further as it’s actually been developed with chocolate-eating in mind.


The “chocolate pairing sake” is a koshu (literally “old sake”) variety, which has been aged for nine years. Using the labour-intensive kimoto method of brewing, which converts lactic acid bacteria naturally instead of artificially and then requires mixing with wooden oars between the late-night and early-morning hours of only the coldest months, this is a quality drop rich in amino acids, which gives it a wonderful body and depth of flavour. The amber-coloured drop looks similar to a brandy or cognac, and despite not containing any actual chocolate, the drink has a smoky, chocolate-like aroma and sweetness, due to the long ageing process. When heated, the rich flavour becomes even more mellow and rounded, making it a perfect accompaniment to chocolate.


For mild white chocolate, the brewers recommend enjoying the drink at room temperature or slightly lukewarm. Warmer temperatures are recommended for stronger, more intense chocolates, and the company suggests customers have fun experimenting with different types of chocolates and various sake temperatures to find their perfect flavour combination.


The sake is currently being served at the four branches of Kurand Sake Market, in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asakusa and Ikebukuro. With 100 varieties of Japanese rice wine at each location, Kurand offers all-you-can drink sake for 3,000 yen, where customers can learn more about small breweries, different taste profiles and the various types of sake available in Japan.


Source, Images: PR Times