Ice creams and parfaits filled with good bacteria for gut health.

Yakult has made a name for itself around the world with its sweetened probiotic milk drinks, served up in distinctive palm-sized bottles with shiny foil lids. First introduced to the market in 1935, Yakult has long been touted as a healthy beverage to help maintain good gut flora, as each bottle is said to contain more than 10 billion Lactobacillus paracasei Shirota bacteria.

▼ Our reporter Meg, drinking Yakult from the bottom, which she learned was one of the ways to drink it in Taiwan.

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Now, the brand is branching out to bring its healthy bacteria to the dessert world, with a new pop-up store set to open in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya 109 building on 1 June. Called the Yakult Ice Cream Shop, the pop-up will appear at Shibuya 109’s Imada Kitchen, where they’ll be mixing up their popular ice creams, soft serves and shakes with the probiotic drink for a brand new series of never-before-seen menu items.

There are seven tasty treats in the lineup, starting with a new Ice cream and Sherbet (450 yen [US$4.13] each), which can be ordered separately (two scoops) or as a mix, with one scoop of each.

▼ Ice cream

▼ Sherbet

Then there’s the Ice de Yakult Shake (500 yen), which is said to be “an unprecedented shake” that contains live lactic acid bacteria and has a creamy Yakult taste.

The Yakult Soft Serve (450 yen) is said to embody freshness and “chill”, with the company explaining the double-meaning of the English word “chill” to mean both “cold” and “relax”, as in the phrase “chill out”.

▼ Netflix and…Yakult?

Finally, we have the Yakult Parfait (600 yen), which comes in two flavours: Berry, for a fruity fresh sweetness, and Caramel, for a rich and decadent sweetness. 

▼ Berry

▼ Caramel

Each sweet offering comes with a cute wafer in the shape of a Yakult bottle, to remind you that you’re getting a good side of Lactobacillus with your dessert. The new pop-up store will only be around for a limited time, from 1 June to 1 August, but if you can’t make it out to Shibuya, you can always keep an eye out for the new Ice de Yakult, which will be on sale in limited numbers at Tokyu Store supermarkets around the country from 1 June.

▼ The Ice de Yakult was developed in conjunction with Imada Kitchen.

With Yakult looking after our taste buds and our bellies this summer, we won’t have to rely on this instant ramen with 40 billion lactic acid bacteria to keep our gut flora blooming properly this year!

Store information
Imada Kitchen Yakult Icxe Cream Shop / イマダキッチン「ヤクルトのアイス屋さん」
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Dogenzaka 2-29-1
Open 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

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