Mister Donuts

On April 9, Duskin Co., Ltd., operators of the Mister Donut franchise in Japan, announced they would be making changes to the batter and oil they used for their product in order to better bring out the original taste of the donuts themselves. This is the first time for Mister Donut Japan to undergo a major change in ingredients since opening 41 years ago in 1971.

Amid sluggish sales, the chain is hoping the changes will help it better compete against convenience stores which are increasingly offering full lineups of western-style confectionaries. The new donuts will go on sale from the 26th at current prices.

Raw ingredients such as batter and honey will be changed for some products. A Mister Donut’s staple, the “Old Fashion”, will see changes made to the sugar and flour mix of its batter in order to improve the product’s texture. The sweetness of the honey used to glaze the Honey Dip will also be increased.

The company will use its own original oil for frying. The amount of trans fat has been decreased, and the donuts will be prepared in such a way to ensure they do not lose any of their original flavors such as raw milk. Sounds good to us!

Source: Tokyo Shimbun

Photo: CouchandFour