The JR East Musashino Line sure has an impressive track record when it comes to trains being delayed due to unusual circumstances. And after a most bizarre early morning collision on Friday last week, the rail line can add another reason to that list. 

Although the details of the incident are still murky, one thing is for certain–no one ever expected this to happen in the middle of Tokyo!

In the early morning rush of November 21, the JR East Musashino Line, which connects Tokyo with neighboring Saitama and Chiba, experienced a delay between the Kita-Fuchu and Nishi-Kokubunji Stations. However, this was no ordinary delay, even for those who have become accustomed to the line’s often bizarre interruptions in service.

Take a look at the following tweets of some commuters who got caught up in the early morning spectacle:

“Musashino Line delays> Birds collide with the train. Graffiti vandalism. A futon blows onto the tracks. The door breaks and the station attendant becomes the door. A wild boar collides with the train <–new!! Somehow it’s not surprising…”

“They say that there was a collision with a boar LOL. There’s no way I’m making first period LOL.”

Yup, it’s no joke, folks! This time around, the Musashino Line’s delay really was caused by a train’s collision with a boar! 

Of course, finding out this detail leaves us with more questions than answers. Where did it come from? Where was it going? Also, was anyone (boar included) injured in the aftermath of the accident?

We’d love to hear from any of our readers who experienced this delay on Friday and can shed further light on the situation!

Source: Yukawa Net
Image: WoofWorks