Mr. Sato, you are quite literally the man! As our most trusted source of all things bizarre in Japan, you never disappoint. From the time you went in for a trim at a pet salon (on all fours mind you) to the time you tried to train your eyelids, the laughs (almost always at your expense) kept coming.

The following is a list of five reasons why we love our crazy reporter, Mr. Sato. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

1.   He’s always up for a challenge.

BK cheese

Mr. Sato Food Challenge

Mr. Sato Food Challenge2

Mr. Sato Food Challenge3

Mr. Sato Food Challenge4

Mr. Sato Food


Mr. Sato Sushi

Mr. Sato Sushi2

Mr. Sato Sushi3

2.   He’ll try anything once.

Mr. Sato Anything once

nose straightener

sato-snow snowcone

3.   He’s got style.

Mr. Sato Style

Turkish haircut

Ziggy Stardust

pet salon

4.   He’s dead sexy.

Mr. Sato Dead Sexy2

Mr. Sato Dead Sexy4

Mr. Sato Dead Sexy3

Mr. Sato Dead Sexy

sexy sato

5.   Uh…

Softbank Sato




For those who can’t get enough, here’s a little more information on our beloved reporter:

Full name: Hidenori Sato

Stage name: Delicate Zone Sato, Food Queen Sato

Date of birth: Secret

Place of birth: Shimane prefecture

Height: 170cm (5’7”)

Cup size: F-cup

Special skill: Nintendo 3DS

Hobbies: Drawing, writing poems

Collection: Cat claws

~ In Mr. Sato We Trust ~

Mr. Sato End

Mr. Sato End2

Mr. Sato End3

Mr. Sato End4