Fiber optic tips

And here we were feeling smug about our regular fibre optic Internet connection…

Sony Corporation announced yesterday that its own Internet service provider So-net Entertainment has launched what is thought to be the world’s fastest Internet connection for home use, with download speeds clocking in at a massive 2 Gbps, on average twice as fast as competing high-speed fibre connections in Japan.

Targeting individual homes and apartment buildings of two floors or fewer, the ultra-fast connection, known as Nuro, will cost a not unreasonable 4,980 yen (US$51) per calendar month, offering download speeds of 2 Gbps and uploads of up to 1 Gbps. That, boys and girls, is blazingly fast.

Customers are required to sign up for a two-year contract (which is not unusual here in Japan) and pay 52,500 yen ($535) for the initial installation, meaning that the service certainly doesn’t come cheap, but in a world where online gaming and the streaming of high-definition video requires as fast a connection as possible, we’d bet that So-net won’t have trouble finding customers. If I hadn’t just recently signed up for a regular-old 1 Gbps (pffft) connection at home I’d be tempted to give them a call myself…

Source: Goo News (Japanese)

Title image via CXO