Honda UK has attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for speedbut it wasn’t with a car or motorcycle. They have aspired to be the manufacturers of the world’s fastest riding lawn mower!

Last July, the automobile giant announced that they had modified a single model HF2620, which they expected to reach 130 mph (160 km/h). It had also surpassed 100 mph in trial runs, though it’s not official until the Guinness crew is there to verify. On March 6, they met at a test track in Spain to see if it would break the existing record of 87.83 mph, set in May, 2010. And the results were…

Well, as it happens, the FrankenHonda was clocked at an astounding 116.57 mph! The tank only holds 6.2 liters of fuel though, so he won’t be getting too far. It’s too badotherwise it looks like it would be particularly well suited to a round of live action Mario Kart!

▼Check out the grass bag on that baby!

Grass Bag

All joking aside, pavement flying by at 116 mph is quite daunting. An ambulance was on-site in case of accidents and driver Gordon “Flash” Shedden was protected from head to toe for the speed trial.

▼Though maybe he was just worried about incoming shells?

Ready to Mow

The souped-up Honda can reportedly still cut grass as usual, though it might be less from the blades and more that they’re being sucked out of the ground in the lawnmower’s wake.

▼On the upside, he won’t have to mow the lawn again next week.


To see the zippy little lawnmower in action, check out the full video below. It’s a must-see if you like swelling soundtracks, loving close-ups on tires and choppy motors.

Source: IT Media, Honda Mowers, Guinness World Records
Images: YouTube