Egashira 2:50, or Ega-chan for short, is a Japanese comedian with a very unique style. He’s a scrawny, partly balding middle-aged man, who usually appears bug-eyed and disheveled in a diaper or skin-tight pants to perform very physical, usually very dirty gags. His motto is “It’s better to appear once and become a legend than to be a regular all season long,” and his appearances are certainly memorable.

Now, for our viewing and reading pleasure, he’s taking his bizarre style to the publishing world, with a instructional yoga book released this week titled Ega Yoga.

To get an idea of what Ega-chan’s style is like, take a look at this YouTube video in which he drinks a bottle of lube while dressed as Lady Gaga, with helpful English subtitles:

In Ega Yoga, Ega-chan repurposes his most famous gags to create yoga poses. These are presented alongside traditional poses working similar muscle groups for comparison.

For example, here he is doing his phallic Taepodong gag.


Then there’s the tripod headstand.

All together, the book includes over 40 Ega Yoga poses, including “I’d like a word with you!”, “this sucks”, “grab it, put it in, pull it out”, “toy drum” and “the Ega rap.”

According to the publisher, the book also includes a fold-out page in the back called “Ega After Dark” that compiles his most shocking and inappropriate gags. I shudder to think what might be contained therein…


And just because, a few more videos for your enjoyment. You may want to turn your speakers down for the first one.

Ega-chan tries to catch a grapefruit on a sword.

Subzero sledding.

Aaaaaaaaand shooting baby powder out his butt.

Source and images: JIN