South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai revealed its new E4U single-person concept car at the recently completed Seoul Motor Show. Egg-like in shape, the mobility device measures 92cm in width while standing 123cm tall. Hyundai believes the vehicle to be suitable for narrow streets in urban centers where speeds are generally slow.

Similar to a Segway, steering and speed are controlled by the direction in which the driver tilts his or her body. It is even possible to remove the side doors and part of the back, allowing for even easier parking.

The E4 part of the vehicle’s name stands for: egg, evolution, electricity, and eco. The device was the winner of an in-house design completion for future cars. We just can’t shake the feeling that it looks a lot like something Frieza from anime and comic Dragon Ball would cruise around in…

This all looks suitably exciting and futuristic, and we’d love to take one for a spin sometime. We just hope that the Seoul Motor Show kept its focus on the vehicles and didn’t make the mistake of making scantily clad models the main attraction like in a recent motor show in China.

Source: IT Media