Chances are you’ve never looked at a tractor and thought, “Man, that’s cool!” But then, chaces are you haven’t seen one like Yanmar’s new limited edition tractor, currently on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. The tractor is stylish, functional, and looks like it might transform into a giant robot, should an enemy attack you.


If you visit the Tokyo Motor Show at Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center, make sure you stop by the Ken Okuyama Design (KOD) booth in the East Hall. There you will find some cars making their world premier like the kode9 Spyder, and also the very different, but arguably just as cool, Yanmar YT5113 tractor and YK-MR mini tiller. 

“A tractor at a motor show?” you may ask. But perhaps the more apt question would be, “A tractor and tiller designed by the world-famous industrial designer Ken Okuyama, who worked for Pininfarina and has helped design Ferraris, Porsches, and Shinkansens?” The answer to both questions, of course, is a big “YES!”

At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013, KOD unveiled the concept of this tractor for the Japanese engine company Yanmar. This year, the show features the production-ready model that is not only super cool looking, but also has “excellent front visibility, enhanced operator comfort and maneuverability.” According to the KOD website, it is a must‐have for any farmer.

▼ The Optimus Prime of the field


If you are more of a kitchen gardener or just don’t have that much land to plow, consider the YK-MR, a mini tiller that looks like it could probably do double-duty as a missile launcher. This sucker even has QR code technology so the “operator can easily verify the various functions of the machine using smartphone technologies.” It’s sounding more and more like a transforming robot with every detail we learn about it.

▼ It’s so cute, yet so functional.


Part of Yanmar’s motivation to get hot-shot Okuyama to design their machines was to open doors to the European and American markets. With futuristic, stylish equipment like this, even non-farmers all over the world are sure to be lining up to buy.

▼ This is probably the best tractor commercial ever made.

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