Park Your Car in a Serpent: a Proposal by Hong Kong

From office buildings to towers to hotels, urban environments across the world have seen huge improvements in vertical design over the years. But in amongst all this creativity and innovation, there was always one building left waiting for a look-in: the humble multi-storey car park.

Now, thanks to an international architectural competition, there’s a futuristic new proposal set to revolutionise the way we park our cars. It’s called the “CarPARK”, and it aims to provide a great day out parking for the whole family.

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New Hyundai Concept Car Looks a Bit Like Dragon Ball Character Frieza’s Ride

South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai revealed its new E4U single-person concept car at the recently completed Seoul Motor Show. Egg-like in shape, the mobility device measures 92cm in width while standing 123cm tall. Hyundai believes the vehicle to be suitable for narrow streets in urban centers where speeds are generally slow.
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Crushing Friends No Longer an Issue: Hiroshima University Students Invent Ultra-Soft Car

Tired of mowing down pedestrians and scratching up your car while cruising around town? You, my friend, need a supersoft cushion car!

Developed by Hiroshima University, this electric car is completely surrounded by ultra-strong air-filled cushions that protect both those inside and outside the car, meaning that as well as being environmentally friendly it transforms life-destroying collisions into mere belly bounces from the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

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