Facebook, possibly in an attempt to outpace Asia’s reigning chat program king LINE, updated their iOS Facebook Chat program on April 17, adding “stickers” that can be used in chat conversations much like LINE’s “stamps” (also called “stickers” in English language versions).

Among the downloadable sticker collections is a package of “emoticon” style faces that westerners are surely used to seeing a lot of. But for one difference.

This guy:


This is the most disgustinglt detailed depiction of the classic “I’m going to be sick” emoticon we’ve ever seen.

Its uses, however, are endless. You could use it to tell your chat partner that you aren’t feeling well, drank too much, ate too much, or literally are throwing up right now. Or, you could use it to make them throw up.

The amount of detail put into the vomit that is violently projecting from this character’s face is impressively disgusting. What are those little yellow bits anyway? Corn?

Maybe we shouldn’t think about it too much, we’re already starting to feel a little sick…oh no… oh god…

barfaceSource: IT Media

Photos: itmedia