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In a recent visit to Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, we made a rather interest discovery; it would appear Facebook was trying to muscle in on the hot Southeast Asian clothing market.

Even after closer inspection, however, we were unable to determine whether or not Zuckerburg and crew were in fact the backers behind this chic apparel retailer.

You can’t blame us for our confusion about the store’s corporate ownership though, as the merchandizer went as far as using the online powerhouse’s famous name and icon on its clothing tags and shopping bags.

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Being crack journalists, we immediately cornered a staff member in an effort to dig up relevant facts about the store’s brand positioning. In response to our query as to why the store was named after the world’s biggest and most famous social networking site, the obviously dedicated store employee answered, “I don’t know.”

Whether he didn’t understand our question or genuinely didn’t know the answer remains unclear, as further questions were met with a blank stare.

We did, however, uncover a Thailand connection, and are planning a visit to get to the bottom of this breaking story.

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