The picture above shows the kind of sound-deadening walls installed along the Tomei Expressway in Kanagawa Prefecture. Yesterday, a construction worker performing repairs removed one of the panels and got a grisly surprise: a headless human skeleton.

According to Kanagawa Prefectural Police, a 46-year-old male construction worker was engaged in replacing panels on the wall. He removed an outer panel about six meters up on the wall and found the skeletal remains behind it.

Since only the bones remained, it has not yet been possible to determine the sex of the victim. The head was also missing. The skeleton was discovered wearing a sweater and pants, but no shoes.

The walls are constructed with an inner and outer panel, leaving a 30-centimeter gap between, so it would be possible to access the gap from outside the highway.

Police are currently investigating to determine the victim’s identity and cause of death.

Source: MSN Sankei News