Gadgets purveyor Apparestore is hoping that pretending your ears are so unclean that fungus has actually started to grow out of them will become the new fashion trend with these “crazy headphones” featuring weird objects that jut out from the earbuds. Samurai swords and sushi are just some of the things you could have seemingly growing out of your ears with a pair of these cheeky earphones.

Given the kinds of things that end up on actual, highly respected fashion runways, this actually seems like a pretty reasonable gamble.

The newest items available on the “crazy headphones” line of products are banana, sushi, samurai sword, and mushroom themes.

Just pop them into your lugholes like any other earbuds and watch the shocked/amused reactions of those around you as you wander about town to your favorite beats. Obviously, you’ll have to remove the earbuds to hear what people’s impressions are, ruining the entire facade that you’re growing actual mushrooms out of your ears. Darn.

Each of the sets retail for 2,000 yen and are available for purchase on the online retailer’s website at the beginning May.

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If only they had a pair that made it look like you had little men in your ears trying to escape their waxy prisons…

Source: IT Media

Images via Apare Store