So does this mean you have to do a headstand to insert your face into the comic panel?

If you’ve ever travelled around Japan, you might have noticed that “your face here” cut-out boards are hugely popular at tourist sites. These large panels often depict a local scene or character, and have one or more oval cut-outs in them for tourists to poke their heads into, so they can insert themselves into the scene in a comical way, creating a great photographic memento of their trip to the area.

It’s usually a straightforward procedure, with the oval cutouts positioned at different heights so adults and children can easily place their faces into them, but one traveller in Japan recently came across a more complicated design that has people everywhere wondering how it’s meant to be used.

Located at the Ashigara Service Area road-stop station on the Tomei Expressway in Shizuoka Prefecture, this signboard features a painted scene of Mt Fuji, which can be seen in all its panoramic beauty from the high vantage point of the area. Twitter user @chip_potekko shared a photo of it online recently, saying she received it with a message saying, “I don’t understand this cut-out board”.

In the picture, a horned, red-bodied demon holds a human by the legs, with the person dangling upside-down in the ogre’s giant hand. The person’s face is replaced by a cut-out oval, where visitors would normally insert their head into. The question with this one is: how do you put your face in the hole so that it’s upside-down, like it should be in the picture?

Twitter users were quick to offer up creative solutions to the quandary, with some suggesting a headstand or a “bridge” pose might be in order, while others commented that children would be at the right height to easily turn their faces into it diagonally by resting their chin on their hand behind the scene. According to @chip_potekko, the latter suggestion is what children have been seen doing, with mixed results.

 ▼ Perhaps a spot of yoga might be in order?

Finally, one clever Twitter user gave everyone the sensible answer they were looking for.

▼ If you simply bend over and put your head between your legs, you’ll get the correct effect!

The only thing is, you’ll probably need to have the lithe body of a child to get your head to appear in such a low position. Otherwise there’s a good chance of you knocking the whole thing over with your bottom, leaving you showing off your derriere to a crowd of fascinated onlookers!

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@chip_potekko