As far as nightmare scenarios go, this is probably number one.

While Japan has a reputation for being one of the safer countries in which to live, there are certain worrying trends when it comes to stalking. Regardless of gender, there are some people who take their fascination with an idol or celebrity too far and ultimately end up violating their privacy.

But not all stalkers concern themselves with famous targets. Police officers at Naranishi Police Station in Nara Ward were confronted with a peculiar case that involved a 46-year-old defendant Takafumi Doi and a female co-worker, aged 44, whom he’d taken a shine towards. Doi has already been arrested before for breaking into his co-worker’s residence, but the terms of his re-arrest for multiple break-ins through January 25 to May 17 have a chilling additional detail.

According to the police station, Doi duplicated the key to his co-worker’s house and during his unsolicited visits mixed some of his own urine into bottles of her face lotion, claiming that “I felt as though I could stake a claim on her by marking her with my essence.” Two of the victim’s lotion bottles are suspected to be contaminated.

It gets even worse when considering Doi’s line of work – as a care worker in Nara’s Shikishimacho, one would expect him to know the appropriate way to dispose of his own body fluids (and the importance of hygeine, particularly towards those you care about). The police are currently investigating Doi’s case in order to determine any additional criminal activity.

Commenters were, naturally, appalled:

“I bet you anything that it wasn’t only pee he mixed in there.”
“‘Staking a claim’? What is he, a dog?”
“That poor woman. You can’t avoid creeps like this even when you’re 44…”

Apparently these tendencies are likely to worsen as stalkers get older, so hopefully whatever sentence Doi receives will prove more of a deterrent than his last.

Source: The Sankei News via 2channel Itai News
Top image: Pakutaso
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