Yawning Bunnies3

My entire life I’ve grown up thinking that bunnies are adorable. Who can resist those cotton ball tails and wiggling noses? They’re basically moving balls of fluff! However, after seeing a recent photo compilation of yawning bunnies on Japanese website, Karapaia, I feel so misinformed. Bunnies aren’t always cute, in fact, they can be downright terrifying. Take a look, if you dare, at 20 photos of yawning bunnies. They’ll change the way you look at rabbits forever.

Yawning Bunnies1

Yawning Bunnies4

▼   This one looks more donkey than bunny.

Yawning Bunnies2

Yawning Bunnies5


Yawning Bunnies6


Yawning Bunnies7

Yawning Bunnies8

▼   Ok, some of these yawners are kinda cute!

Yawning Bunnies16

▼   …nevermind.

Yawning Bunnies15

Yawning Bunnies12

Yawning Bunnies10

▼   I will eat your soul!!!

Yawning Bunnies13

Yawning Bunnies11

Yawning Bunnies9

Yawning Bunnies20

Yawning Bunnies18

Yawning Bunnies3

Yawning Bunnies14

Yawning Bunnies17

▼   This one looks like Sloth from The Goonies.

Yawning Bunnies19


▼   Yawning bunny videos. More cute than terrifying.

*****DOUBLE BONUS !!*****

▼   A bunny taking a shower. Why? Because it’s adorable.

Sleep well…

Source: Karapaia