“Ahhh! Attack of the Buns!”

Aside from Japan’s cat-filled island Aoshima, Okunoshima might be the cutest island the country has, thanks to the numerous adorable bunnies that seemingly run the place with a soft and furry fist. The rabbits aren’t just cute either — they’re not the least bit afraid of humans and have no qualms with swarming a bipedal giant for the promise of food.

But at least they’re short, right? So if you do find yourself overwhelmed by attacking buns hellbent on eating all the treats in your pockets, you can just climb on a bench and wait for them to tire out. At least, that’s what we thought until we saw the terrifying video below.

▼ They’ll jump right up on there to continue their assault!

As you can clearly see, there’s no escaping these hungry critters. Your only hope may be to join their ranks — a fate that isn’t all bad, we suppose. It’s better than being doomed to a eternity of vertically aligned videos anyway…

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Source: HamusokuTwitter/lepus_31
Featured image: Twitter/lepus_31